Restoring Your Central Heating System

Powerflushing is a deep clean that works to remove any debris, rust and sludge that has accumulated within your central heating system, a powerflush will restore the full circulation of water, improving the output of your boiler and radiators.

If left to build, contaminants will slowly reduce the efficiency of your central heating system, eventually leading to breakdown.

  • Radiators have ‘cold spots’ along the bottom or in the middle.
  • Noisy heating system/boiler
  • Dirty or discoloured water when you bleed radiators.
  • Radiators take longer to heat up.


A central heating powerflush is recommended if you’re installing a new energy efficient condensing boiler  without upgrading your whole system. A powerflush will prevent any old contaminants from damaging your new boiler





The equipment we use

The Proflush Professional System is regarded as one of the best powerflushing machines on the market, constantly being recommended on most recognized UK plumbing forums..

This machine circulates water at high velocity, but low pressure. This doesn't put any undue stress on the heating system. Contrary to popular belief, powerflushing is not detrimental to heating systems. However, any weaknesses "hidden" by sludge in the heating system will be revealed.

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